New and Replacement Gas Boilers in Cambridgeshire

As Cambridgeshire’s leading gas heating specialist, we supply and install ultra-efficient gas boilers to homes across the county. Replacing an old, inefficient gas boiler will dramatically lower your heating bills, and provide payback within months. According to the Energy Saving Trust, you could save £820 per year by replacing your boiler, with much higher savings from April 2023, when the Government’s price cap will end. With dramatically rising energy prices, there’s never been a better time to replace your old gas boiler with an ultra-efficient, ultra-reliable model. We offer a comprehensive range of gas boilers with the longest 12-year warranties available. With our unbeatable prices, you will save £100s and we’ll beat any other quotation. 

Based locally in Cambridgeshire, we offer a fast, professional and friendly service, with same-day gas boiler installation, and ongoing support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Highly qualified and Gas Safe registered, we pride ourselves on the quality of our gas boiler installations, with full removal and recycling of your old boiler. 

We can provide a free quote within minutes and offer free site surveys – all with absolutely no obligation. So, please contact us now. 

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Why use us to install a replacement gas boiler?

Here are nine reasons why you should use us to install your new or replacement gas boiler:

Local, reliable and ultra-responsive customer service – available 24/7. Based locally in Cambridgeshire, being responsive to our customers is critical to us. We believe we stand out on our responsiveness, whether it is answering the phone immediately, making same-day site visits to provide personalised quotations or rapidly responding to unforeseen issues. Unlike many of our online competitors, which attempt to provide a nationwide service, we prefer to deliver superior customer service to local customers in Cambridgeshire, where we are always on hand – day or night. With our 24-hour 7-day-a-week emergency service, we’ll always get your gas-fired heating system back up and running, even on Christmas Day!

The best price, saving you £100s. We believe that the best price and the best customer service go hand in hand. We always offer the best price and we will beat any other quotation. A replacement gas boiler may be much more affordable than you think and will dramatically lower your heating bills. So, please contact us for a no-obligation quote now.

Free, same-day site survey. As we are based locally in Cambridgeshire, we are happy to provide free site surveys. By inspecting your gas boiler and heating system in person, we can recommend the best, most cost-effective gas boiler for your own circumstances. By avoiding over-sizing your gas boiler, you’ll ensure that your heating system runs at its maximum efficiency at the lowest cost. Contact us to book your free site survey now.

Free no-obligation quote within an hour. We can provide a free quote within minutes so please do get in touch with us, whatever stage you are at in considering a boiler replacement. There is absolutely no obligation, and you will be pleasantly surprised with our competitive pricing. The cost of a new boiler will payback within months due to reduced heating bills.

Comprehensive range of the best gas boilers available. As we are independent of any particular boiler manufacturer, we are able to offer gas boilers with the best reputation, reliability and value for money. We are a preferred installer of Ideal Heating boilers but have experience of installing and servicing many different makes of boiler. We offer many different types of boilers to ideally meet your specific requirements, including combi boilers (which may suit smaller households), system boilers and heat only boilers, with different heating capacities.

Ultra-efficient gas boilers, guaranteeing huge energy cost savings annually. We offer A-rated condensing gas boilers with industry-beating efficiencies of 93% and above. Replacing your old, inefficient gas boiler with one of our ultra-efficient boilers is the best way to dramatically lower your heating bills. According to the Energy Savings Trust, households can already save £820 per year and, with further increases in energy prices from April 2023, annual savings are expected to exceed £1000 per year.

Longest 12-year guarantees. We offer complete peace of mind with the longest 12-year guarantees offered on our new boiler installations. With our affordable annual servicing, we will ensure that your gas boiler remains in tip-top condition, operating at maximum efficiency.

Immaculate, professional installation to the highest standards. We install gas boilers to the highest standards, meeting all regulations. Safety is paramount. We are Gas Safe Registered. We are G3 Certified, City & Guilds Qualified and NICEIC Certified. We have unrivalled experience, having installed thousands of boilers across Cambridgeshire. We will always treat your home with respect.

Stress-free removal of your old gas boiler. We pride ourselves in providing a completely hassle-free service, and will have your new gas boiler up and running very quickly. Our service includes full environmentally-friendly de-installation of your existing gas boiler, at no cost. 

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Being independent of any boiler manufacturer, we offer the very best gas boilers available


Substantially reduce your heating costs and minimise the amount of gas needed to heat your home.


We offer industry-leading warranties on our boiler installations for ultimate peace of mind.


Reduced emissions, using the latest technology, meeting all legislative requirements. Our future-proofed boilers are even compatible with 20% Hydrogen blends, which may be used in the future to lower emissions further.


You don't need to worry when the weather is cold.

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Safe hands with Cambridgeshire heating

“As your local heating specialist, you can rely on us. We respond to enquiries within minutes. We offer same-day service. We won’t be beaten on price, and offer 12-year guarantees.”

Liam Peacock


"Genuinely lovely, professional, friendly people. They swapped out an ancient boiler with no drama. Installation and commissioning costs are remarkably good value."
"Exceptional attention to detail. Liam and his team were always on time, tidy and considerate of our home. It's been an absolute pleasure."
"They installed a new boiler, replacing one that should be in a boiler museum! The quote was the best I had been given. They were a great team to have installing the system."
"Paul and his staff are very careful and tidy workers and have completed a tidy and professional boiler installation."
"Came out the same day our boiler stopped working and fitted us in for a new boiler a couple of days later. Efficient, quick service by a friendly team."
"Great service and really good communication. Liam did an amazing job and was extremely neat and tidy. Would highly recommend."

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We cover all of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

We cover all of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, including Cambridge, Milton, Wisbech, St Neots, Huntingdon, March, Ely, St Ives, Whittlesey, Chatteris, Yaxley, Soham, Cambourne, Littleport, Histon, Ramsey, Sawston, Godmanchester, Burwell, Cottenham, Sawtry, Waterbeach, Brampton, Melbourn and Linton.


Why replace your existing gas boiler?

The average life expectancy of a gas boiler is up to about 15 years. Since gas boilers have become much more efficient over the years, you will be spending a lot more money on gas than you need to in order to heat your home. Replacing your existing gas boiler with a new ultra-efficient model will dramatically lower your heating bills. Furthermore, a new gas boiler will be more reliable, with a 12-year warranty, and be less harmful to the environment, with lower emissions. With rising heating bills, there’s never been a better time to replace your gas boiler. Contact us for a no-obligation quote now. 

Here are some reasons for considering the replacement of your existing gas boiler.

Dramatically reduce your heating bills, with potential annual savings in excess of £1000. Replacing an old, inefficient gas boiler with one of our ultra-efficient boilers is the best way to lower your heating bills, and you will achieve those huge savings every single year of the life of your new boiler. Based on gas prices back in October 2022, the Energy Savings Trust estimates that households could save £820 per year by upgrading their old, inefficient boiler with a new A-rated gas boiler. With substantial future increases in gas prices expected from April 2023, when the Government’s price cap ends, annual savings could easily exceed £1000 per year. The cost of a new gas boiler would be recouped within months.

A new gas boiler will increase the value of your home. There is nothing more off-putting to prospective home buyers than spotting an old gas boiler on its last legs. The presence of a new ultra-efficient boiler represents an excellent selling point. According to GoCompare, replacing an old gas boiler is actually the best, most profitable home improvement that homeowners can make. GoCompare and property expert Henry Pryor found that installing a new boiler generates the greatest profit of all the many house improvements considered, increasing the value of a property by much more than the installation cost of the boiler. This is on top of the huge savings made in heating costs (discussed above).

A new gas boiler will be much more reliable, and we offer an industry-leading 12 year warranty with our boiler installations. Waking up to a freezing house in winter or with no hot water for your shower are not pleasant experiences.  As the gas boilers we install are made of premium grade materials, they will be much more reliable than an old boiler that has seen better days. Our boiler installations come with an industry-leading 12 year warranty. Combined with our 24/7 emergency service (without call-out fees), you can be assured of continued reliable operation of your gas heating system, whatever the weather and season. We always recommend that you have your new gas boiler serviced every year to maintain trouble-free operation. We offer affordable gas boiler servicing.

Replacing your gas boiler provides the opportunity to choose the most appropriate type and capacity for your circumstances. Seizing the opportunity to replace an old gas boiler gives you the opportunity to review your requirements and invest in the most appropriate gas boiler to meet your particular needs. For example, in smaller households we often replace a conventional gas boiler with a combi boiler that can provide instant access to hot water without the need for a hot water storage tank, as these can be more efficient. We recommend that you take advantage of our free site survey so that we can discuss all the options with you and identify the best solution for you, in terms of boiler type and capacity. If you have extended your home or increased the number of radiators, installing a new gas boiler with increased capacity may be beneficial in terms of heating efficiency and making your house more comfortable. Conversely, a lower-capacity boiler may be more cost effective if a previous gas boiler has been over-specified. Contact us now to arrange a free site survey.

Increased safety, and reduced risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. We are Gas Safe registered and take the safety of you and your loved ones extremely seriously. According to the Gas Safety Trust, the UK’s ageing boiler population is putting lives at risk from carbon monoxide (CO). Our professional installation of a new gas boiler will banish any safety concerns over an old boiler, as all aspects of your heating system will be thoroughly checked and updated. Carbon monoxide is a gas produced in a boiler when fuel is not burnt completely and can sometimes escape into the home and cause carbon monoxide poisoning. It is a deadly gas that is colourless and odourless. Exposure to carbon monoxide, even in small quantities, can be extremely harmful. To minimise the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, we urge you to consider replacing your old gas boiler (using a Gas Safe registered engineer) and to service your gas boiler annually.

A new gas boiler will reduce harmful emissions, with further reductions from hydrogen blending. All new and replacement boilers in the UK must, by law, be high-efficiency condensing boilers, which can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 30%, partly as a result of burning significantly less gas. Over the coming years, the UK’s gas grid may start to blend up to 20% hydrogen to reduce emissions further. According to the Energy Networks Association, using a 20% hydrogen blend would reduce CO2 emissions by 6-7%. The future-proofed gas boilers we install are already fully compatible with hydrogen blending. If you are hesitant about replacing your old gas boiler to wait for air source heat pump technology, please don’t be as air source technology will not offer an affordable alternative for many years. Putting off replacing your old boiler means that you will be paying much more for your heating than you need to. You will more than recoup the cost of a replacement gas boiler well before the time that air source heat pumps are a realistic, affordable option for most homes. According to the UK Government, air source heat pumps cost households £12,000 on average to install. It homes that air source heat pumps will achieve price parity with gas boilers by 2030, but it remains to be seen if this will be achieved. Often, the cost of an air source heat pump is dwarfed by the extra costs needed to upgrade radiators and home insulation. Also, don’t be under any illusion that heat pumps – which are powered by electricity – will be cheaper to run than a new ultra-efficient gas boiler. Recent huge electricity price increases mean that households who have paid huge sums upgrading to heat pumps pay significantly more to run them too. 

If you are not sure whether you should replace your existing gas boiler, and to find out what options are available, contact us now without obligation. 

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